Medical Ethics is an interdisciplinary science. In fact medical ethics evaluates challenging issues from different viewpoints such as Medicine, Philosophy, Theology and Law, and considers cultural and religious values. Ever-increasing progress of science and technology, the occurrence of natural calamities in the recent century; the outbreak of special diseases such as AIDS, and cancer; have encountered human society with new bioethical issues. For this reason, Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Research Centre of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, as the pioneer centre in the field of medical ethics, commenced its work in 2001 with the purpose of promotion of the level of health of the society. Considering the bioethical challenges of human society and its effects on individual health and, consequently, society, is of other tasks of this centre, having been attended too much in recent years.

Our achievements are:

This centre has, thus far, done its activities in the field of medical ethics in three areas of education, research and applying bioethics, of which the followings can be mentioned. Compiling educational curriculum for PHD and MPH degrees; Education programs for undergraduate students; Performance of over 50 research projects, publication of almost 20 books, two scientific journals including Journal of Medical Ethics and History of medicine (in English) and Iranian Journal of Medical Ethics and History of medicine (in Persian), 5 issues of newsletters, holding over 40 seminars, educational workshops, three international and annual congresses in Medical, compilation of medical ethics codes, human dignity in Islamic ethics review, and preparation of ethical aspect for kidney graft.

Our goal in medical ethics:

Concerning the development of science and technology which face us with a broad spectrum of medical ethics challenges and the necessity of advancing educational and research activities proportional to this development our objectives are as below:

- Teaching medical ethics with the purpose of training specialists and increasing public awareness.

- Developing research in the field of medical ethics.

- Making medical ethics knowledge applicable

- Preparing and compiling reference books and other type of resources to address both public and scientific community

Our goal in medical history:

Holding seminars, books, brushers, magazines, information banks of and handwriting books.